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Taylor Bradshaw Music

Evergreen Sessions CD & Necklace

Evergreen Sessions CD & Necklace

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I've put together a real piece of the forest for you. An experience that you can take with you everywhere you go.

It can be hard to stay connected to nature in the rush of daily life. Long days of work, constant obligations. The days rush by…

But nature is a place that slows it all down, nourishes the soul, and reconnects us with what it means to be human.

So I wanted to make something special for you to nourish this connection to nature. A bit of nature that you can experience through art, and carry with you everywhere you go.

I recorded a live album in the forest for you, called The Evergreen Sessions.

These acoustic songs capture the organic sounds of nature melding with the melodies of acoustic music and heartfelt songwriting. And it was all captured live, in real time, in the woods.

And to make sure you can carry this experience with you everywhere you go, I’m bundling it together with an Evergreen Echoes necklace - a real leaf that has been electroplated in real silver and turned into a necklace.

Each necklace is unique, just as every leaf in the forest is unique. Just as you are unique.

You can feel the grooves and veins of the leaf in your fingers throughout your day, bringing you back to the soulful sounds of the forest and the light twinkling through the leaves above.

And when you do walk into the forest, you’ll feel the magic of your connection with nature and its energy feeding your soul.

This bundle is for people who love nature and want to experience its beauty throughout their day.

For people who want to experience authentic music that shares raw emotion, performed live.

For people who want to nourish their souls with meaningful independent art and nature.

This is for you.

The Basic Bundle Includes:

The Evergreen Echoes Necklace

  • Made with a real leaf, so you have a real piece of the forest to take with you everywhere
  • Each is uniquely made from a different leaf, so yours will be one-of-a-kind
  • Made with real silver, so you’ll have a beautiful, authentic finish that goes along with most outfits
  • This necklace makes for a great conversation starter, so you’ll easily make new friends when you wear it
  • If you wear it at a show, you’ll have 10% off the merch booth for life and can represent the Evergreen Family!

    The Evergreen Sessions live album

    • A full-length album recorded live in the forest, so you can hear the raw performances and the sounds of nature bleeding into the songs
    • This album isn’t available on streaming yet, so you’ll have an exclusive copy
    • Includes free digital downloads of studio master-quality WAV files so you can listen on the go in high fidelity the moment you order
    • Live performance videos of all the songs so you can watch the performances as they’re recorded in real-time
    • Behind-the-scenes stories of the recordings and song meanings so you can dive deep into the creative process

      The Deluxe Bundle Includes:

      • Everything included in the Basic bundle
      • Hand-signed so you have a collectible reminder of our connection
      • A real pressed flower gives you another piece of nature that you can pin to your wall, use in a craft, or keep with the CD as a memento
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