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Rosewood Fountain Pen

Rosewood Fountain Pen

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I use a rosewood fountain pen for all of my songwriting and journaling, and I'd love to get one in your hands!

There's something to the weight and texture of wood in the fingers, the purposeful and old-school glide of a fountain pen over the page. It seems to pull more inspiration out of the mind and make it take shape in your notebook.


  • Beautiful rosewood color and wooden feel for an organic touch against your fingers that inspires you to write more
  • A hefty pen weight in your hand that gives purpose to your strokes
  • Two pre-filled ink cartridges, plus a refillable ink cartridge so you can start writing the moment you receive it

This exact kind of pen is what I write all of my music with. It's what wrote the words you hear in my music, and I want to share that inspiration with you.

So click "add to cart" to get your rosewood fountain pen today!

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