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Evergreen Echoes Necklace

Evergreen Echoes Necklace

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Get a piece of the forest that's totally unique - just like YOU!! 😁

A real leaf turned into a silver necklace.



Each Evergreen Echoes Necklace is made from a real leaf that's been electroplated in silver. This means no two necklaces are the same, just like the leaves of the forest! 🍃

You can hold it and feel the patterns of the leaf on your fingers - it's like carrying a piece of the forest with you!

Plus, people will definitely ask you about it. It's a great conversation starter at parties.


Here’s what you’ll get:

🍃 An Evergreen Echoes Necklace made from a real leaf - so you can wear the forest everywhere you go!

🍃 A silver chain that's super light and comfy, so you can wear it anytime.

🍃 A lifetime 10% discount at my merch booths when you wear the necklace - so you can be part of The Evergreen Family forever! 🤍


Don’t miss your chance to wear a piece of nature that’s as special as you.

Click add to cart to grab your Evergreen Echoes necklace today and let The Evergreen be with you always! 


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